Friday, November 6, 2009

Nationalized Health Insurance - Say No Now!

I was very disappointed yesterday to learn that the American Medical Association (AMA) just sold out to the Obama Administration and other congressional leaders trying to force through an National takeover of our healthcare system. This is nothing more than a power grab by the democrats in congress who want to take over an additional one sixth of our economy, fill it with bureaucrats and then give our favors to groups like the AMA (more than $250 Billion of tax payer dollars) and others, for campaign contributions and other government corruption opportunities that lie within such a massive program.

Social Security, run by our government, is about to go bankrupt. Where has the "cost control" been here? l Where is the government going to find $500 billion of savings in the medicare program to fund healthcare for all?? It will be at the expense of rationed healthcare for seniors and and eventual shortage of physicians willing to accept low medicare reimbursements once the $250 Billion bribe by the Obamma administration has worn off.

Please forward this to Grandma and Grandpa as well as friends and neighbors and urge them to call their congressmen now to urge them not to pass the worst piece of legislation (2000 Pages and no one knows what is in there) in our country's history.

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