Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marketing Benefits for Business Using Twitter and Social Media

After working with Hidden Equity in order to build a CMS/CRM combination website with full search engine optimization, AMF Risk Management Solutions has been actively marketing their group health insurance products through the use of social media, particularly their high deductible health plans with aggregate wrap stop loss insurance. Twitter in particular has been extremely successful in terms of networking and reaching a broader audience. http://www.twitter.com/highdeductible Creating a marketing web in social media can appear daunting at first. However, the further the marketing department has explored, the greater the outcome.

Twitter is particularly valuable for a number of reasons. There is no limit to the size of an audience that you can reach out to. In addition, you have the ability to restrict what types of audiences you are marketing to and what demographics are viewing your tweets. The content you post on Twitter is reaching audiences interested in the information you are providing and you are not spending time blasting outdated newsletters to dead leads. The best part of these social media marketing outlets is that they are FREE! Furthermore, if you provide solid informative content, you may find users retweeting (RT) your tweets to their network and your audience grows even bigger. Also, Twitter allows you to provide a link to your company's website or your blog to promote your other social media marketing strategies.

By combining Twitter with your other social media outlets such as: Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Digg articles, blog posts and YouTube videos you build credibility in the marketplace with free recognition and brand awareness. By providing deep links back and forth between the different services, you are able to increase your search engine page ranks and ultimately find new subscribers that will translate into new business.

The goal for AMF Risk Management Solutions was to connect and network with employers by use of social media marketing as well as to find new brokers, agents and consultants to help market their products. Furthermore, the added value in the search engine optimization and increase in page rank has proven quite successful. Now is the time to act and create your accounts before you are left behind tomorrow.

Helpful Tips

- set up your usernames in the social media sites to match the SEO keywords you are trying to capture page rank with.

- post useful informative content. everyday we see people tweet ways in which they've made $4,000 a month with an online marketing company. stay away from spam and self-promotion.

- search on Twitter for keywords that relevant audiences are tweeting about and follow that person. send them a direct message or an "@username" tweet in order to connect.

- follow through with connections by connecting on other social networking sites.

- provide deep links to your website throughout your social media campaign in order to increase page rank and search engine popularity.

- be patient, the results come in a snowball effect but the final reward is priceless when you see your company's website on the first page of search engines for your target keywords.

For more social media marketing strategies or any questions please contact Matt McKelvey, mmckelvey@amfrms.com.

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